Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow job

If this story turns out to be true, then Bloomberg better show half the testicular fortitude of Reagan (a la the air traffic controller strike) and s-can a bunch of people. Calling for a slowdown in plowing efforts is dangerous to public safety and flat out unacceptable. In my sister's neighborhood alone it caused her downstairs neighbor to nearly be unable to get to the hospital to give birth.

I know one thing - Giuliani would have put his foot deep up someone's ass over this.


Fredo said...

I've been trying to keep my powder dry on this until all the facts come out. Obviously, if the allegations the Post is making are true, these were some despicable men and despicable decisions.

My first observation was that the Bloomberg administration really downplayed these allegations. Today the main radio stations(880 1010) were repeating the line that the Mayor has seen "no evidence" substantiating these claims. Which left me realizing a couple of things:

1) The media has left the obvious anti-semitic angle out of the reporting. The sanitation workers didn't plow "good nabes", said the Post. Areas that have representatives that throw their weight around. Kensington, Borough Park, Dyker Heights.

While B.P. is thoroughly Jewish, and the other two neighboring communities are mixed, you know that if Sanitation workers are beefing on the "influence" of the constituents in these neighborhoods... well, it speaks for itself.

2) Bloomberg has slow-played the allegations because of the explosive nature of what has occurred. People dying in their apartments b/c sanitation workers are pissed they're not getting the annual raises they deserve, while the rest of the world is losing jobs. And they're targeting, let's face it, Jews. On the one hand, I give Bloomy credit, b/c he doesn't want to call a spade a spade and turn the city into ethnic warfare for the next few months. That said, you cannot let public workers jeopardize the public safety for any reason. For their raise. For their hours. Or b/c they blame the tribe for not getting what they want.

Heads must roll.

Fredo said...

BTW, most recent editorial on the topic, which really does a great job, is here.


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