Monday, July 11, 2011

OK Mitt: WTF?

You might want to offer, you know, an opinion.

I'd love to see a GOP Presidential candidate take the reins, and speak out as a leader on this issue. Not just positioning themselves against other candidates: e.g, uber-hard-ass-I-will-vote-for-nothing (Bachmann); or more-conservative-than-Mitt-but-less-crazy-than-Bachmann (T-Paw). But actually talk about the facts of the situation directly to the American people. Talk about the fact that Obama even considering tax hikes at a time like this shows just how divorced from economic reality this White House is.

And just as importantly, the fact that the White House is cynically using this opportunity to push for higher taxes and more government interference in the economy, blindly adhering to leftist ideology, at a time when we can least afford it.

Boehner is right to take taxes off the table and talk about cuts exclusively. If we can't get bipartisan movement towards entitlement reform and spending cuts in this environmen--an enviornment in which Greece, Portugal, and now Italy are on the verge of a massive margin call--well, as the President is saying, "if not now, when?"


ManBeast said...


*Is MB Michele Bachmann or ManBeast?


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