Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On the resignation of His Holiness Benedict XVI

There is much to say, and for those who are interested, you can undoubtedly find pieces ranging from recaps of his Papacy, to analysis, to conspiracy theories, most of which are by writers with competence far exceeding my own. The only thing I wish to add are my personal feelings.

I am grateful to an incredibly learned, deeply prayerful man for accepting the call of the College of Cardinals, at a time in his life when he had lost a close friend, and had hoped to be peacefully resting in his native Germany. I am moved by his love of God (the theme of his first Papal Encyclical), and how that love filtered into a love for all doctrines and traditions of the Church, especially the Sacred Liturgy.

As far as the Holy Father's resignation, I am saddened to see him go. I have no standing to "analyze" it as a matter of institutional precedence. I have only hopeful belief that it is in the best interest of the Church and humanity, and the conviction that Benedict would not have chosen this path unless he believed it so.



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Always sniffing for the truth

Always sniffing for the truth

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