Monday, March 18, 2013

The EU is literally robbing people's bank accounts in Cyprus


“The EU previous stated that individuals will not be harmed, and they will not take money from pensioners. But here they have done just that. They are stealing money in order to support bond holders, which is of course hypocritical because all nations like Germany want to support their own banks who hold these bonds”,added Young.

EU has put the Cypriots in a very “appalling situation" argues Young. “What the Cypriots are being told is that if you are lucky you got a leaky lifeboat, but other than that no one is coming to your rescue”...

All the EU and IMF care about is to “make sure that the big‘euro ship’ can sail on entirely safely.”

...there are more austerity measures ahead, but ultimately, “the Cypriots have been left alone with a loaded revolver with all six barrels full and being told to go play Russian roulette.”

Rioting in Greece last year

Greek Riot Police

Cypriot Police Tank

Man threatening to bulldoze bank to get to his money in Cyprus.

Putin denounces EU confiscation of assets (which happens to include significant offshore Russian assets).

In summary:

"The Dark One is gathering all armies to him. It won't be long now. He will soon be ready."



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Always sniffing for the truth

Always sniffing for the truth

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