Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'm Not Particularly Religious...

But I really hope there is a hell just so Diane Schuler has somewhere to burn for eternity.

This is the woman who caused a massive accident on Taconic Parkway in upstate New York that killed her, her daughter, her three nieces, and three men in a second vehicle. In addition, her son was severely injured.

Initially, the picture was painted that Schuler was not feeling well and that led to her driving the wrong way on the parkway causing a horrific head-on collision.

Now the truth comes out: she left a campsite at 9:30am and was driving aggressively the entire time--flashing brights, tailgating, straddling lanes, and even passing a car using the shoulder. Around 1:30pm the fatal crash occurred. Toxicology reports show that her blood-alcohol level was 0.19, more than twice the legal limit (or the equivalent of about 10 drinks) with another 6 grams undigested in her stomach. Additionally, she had high levels of THC in her blood that indicate she was smoking marijuana 15 minutes to an hour before the crash. An open bottle of Absolut was also recovered in the wreckage.

So this woman was drinking while driving, as well as smoking pot with five children in the car (ages 8, 7, 5, 5, and 2). She was entrusted with the care of her brother's three children, much less her own two children. And yet she commits this heinous act of carelessness and stupidity.

Congratulations on destroying the lives of four families, much less the extended families, friends, and co-workers who will also feel the loss. The case is now being treated as a multiple homicide but what good does that do now? She's off the hook. Who can be punished?

And now that the truth is out, how long will it take before they try to paint Schuler as a victim--most likely of addiction. "Oh, this wasn't her fault--she had a problem that she was bravely fighting and dealing with in a heroic manner. The alcoholism is at fault, not a loving, responsible mother."

Mark my words--it's coming.

And just when I thought this story couldn't make my any sicker...


Fredo said...

The whole thing makes no sense to me. Who drinks vodka while they drive, no less than with 5 kids in the car? And more importantly, who drinks half of fifth of hard alcohol while driving?

You want to give me the "she's an alcoholic" line, fine. I guess that's probable, based on the evidence. But there are plenty of alcoholics with the good sense not to start guzzling hard alcohol and then get behind the wheel--no less drink while driving.

I'm fixated on the "while driving," because it takes away the plausible deniability. I mean, I could see (hypothethically) how one could start drinking while out camping, with the thought that (1) I'll stop before I'm drunk; (2) I'll take time to sober up before I drive; (3) I'll get a ride from someone else if I need to or just spend another night. But to guzzle hard alcohol while driving means there were no rationalizations involved. It's like the woman was looking to commit murder/suicide. Couple it with the pot and the aggressive driving, and it seems more like intentionally homicidal behavior than anything else.

Fredo said...

Plus, the other thing about this story that bugs me: why did she call her brother and not her husband? Her husband was presumably closer to her location and was, after all, her husband. Did he keep tabs on her substance abuse and she needed to unwind the minute she escaped his presence? Had they had a fight and she was emotionally unwound? Something doesn't add up with the calling the brother aspect of this thing.

Fredo said...

Finally, you have the element of the brother telling her to stay where she is, and wait for him. He's two hours away, and hops in a car to go to her location. He already knows she's feeling woosy and disoriented.

One of two things were possible:

(1) He knew she was drunk, in which case you have to wonder how much he'll hate himself forever (and his wife will hate him too) for not calling the cops instead of relying on a drunk person to stay put. He essentially was the only person who had the opportunity to summons authorities in enough time to stop this thing from happening, but if he knew she was drunk, he felt covering for her was more important.

(2) He thought she was having a medical episode. Again, why wouldn't you call the cops and EMTs? Even if you thought she wasn't going to get back into the car, what would happen if she passed out? 5 unattended kids in a rest stop on the side of the highway? Wouldn't you have to dial 911?

I don't get it.

Fredo said...

Who can be punished?

The husband will be a defendant or a respondent in this case before all is said and done. Whether he actually bears any responsibility remains to be seen, but he'll be sued either way. Count on it.

SheaHeyKid said...

But I really hope there is a hell just so Diane Schuler has somewhere to burn for eternity.

Amen to that.

To do something like she did to herself is bad enough, but to jeopardize the lives of your kids like that is completely inexcusable.

Fredo said...

Wow, sometimes you're right, and sometimes you're so right that the Post confirms your thoughts 20 minutes after you write them.


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