Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Excellent Prescription for GOP Electoral Success

from Grover Norquist:

Earlier in the year there was a danger that Arizona’s immigration law would distract attention from federal spending. And many Democrats from other states could bravely insist that they, too, liked the Arizona law, that therefore they were different from Obama, and that therefore they were moderate or even conservative. It allowed them to throw up what Ross Perot called "Gorilla dust" to distract voters from their actual voting records on the actual issues they were responsible for.When you are losing—you want distractions.

The mosque in Manhattan presented the same danger...

When you are winning—you do not want distractions.

We are winning at present. -- we should remain the “focus like a laser on spending” movement.

Full article here.



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Always sniffing for the truth

Always sniffing for the truth

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