Friday, September 17, 2010

The Lost Opportunies in NY

This Op-Ed in the Post today pretty well sums up the horrific state of the NY GOP. If I could afford it, I swear I'd run for public office next election. I couldn't do much worse than what passes for Republicans in this state.


Fredo said...

I had read this article previously, and agree with their assessment of the Paladino effect. I'm still hopeful he can catch lightning in a bottle, but fear the net effect of his rhetoric will be to turn voters off to the GOP. My Dad is convinced I'm wrong, and that his message fits the cycle. I guess we'll see.

Where the article really sells the GOP short is DioGuardi. He's an intelligent candidate, fighting a weak incumbent, in a strongly anti-incumbent environment. If the NYC vote is suppressed by Obama fatigue, Joe D may well surprise.

ManBeast said...

With DioGuardi, I think it will mostly depend on turnout. If there's an appathetic D turnout and a strong R turnout, he's got a chance, but a slim one I think.

Fredo said...

I put his odds at 20%. Not likely, but far from impossible.


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Always sniffing for the truth

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