Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Why is it always the same?

Why is it, the day after elections, it's always in the Dem heavy district that the "counting" (ballot stuffing?) is ongoing. Look at CO-Sen for example. Every county in the state is showing 100% of precincts reporting, except for Boulder County, the Democratic and heavily populated stronghold. Only 85% of Boulder precincts in, progress at a snail's pace, etc.

Same story in CA-Sen. As Boxer is giving her victory speech, she says, we're ahead by thousands of votes, yada, yada, yada, and "Los Angeles is still out." Of course it is. The Inland Empire? You can guess the red districts counted their votes and dutifully reported them within 90 minutes of the polls closing. 5 hours later, Dem precincts are still "counting."

CT-4: The old Chris Shays Congressional District. Debicella (R) has a lead all night, but with only 10% of the vote outstanding, you know all the Dem precincts are yet to report, b/c AP already called it for the incumbent. Are Bridgeport polling staff simply incapable of doing their jobs? Are they dumb or crooked? I'd love to know. [Edit: Here's more shadiness w/r/t this seat. CT SOS has announced unofficially that the Dem has won without releasing the full count and without counting absentees, seems to imply they won't count the absentees and that Debicellas has no recourse]

WA-Senate: "No one knows how many votes" are outstanding. Gotta love mail-in voting.

Especially since we've seen this story over, and over again. WA-Gov in '04, with fine folks of Kings County comes to mind. And who can forget the Broward County/Palm Beach fiasco?



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