Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dominos falling in the Middle East

Tunisia has had a revolution. There have been protests in Algeria and Morocco. King Abdullah has sacked the Jordanian government seeking to quell protest there. Qadaffi has to be looking over his shoulder in Tripoli. And of course, the biggest story of them all, Mubarak's regime is on the brink in Cairo.

Dictators and monarchs are on the ropes across the Islamic world.

Will this be the vindication of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld strategy in the Middle East?

I'm amazed I haven't even heard any speculation on this point in the press. And that the former V.P. (designated legacy-protection point man) has kept his powder dry.

Expect to hear a lot of arguing over this point if events continue to unfold in a pro-democracy manner.


ManBeast said...

The left will never give any shred of credit to Bush-Cheney. They'll come up with any and every explanation that gives credit to Obama, Clinton, Che Guevera, and any other liberal icon you can think of.

Fredo said...

Agreed. I'm surprised they haven't started banging their own drum.

Fredo said...

Mind you, it's still an open argument as to whether democracy or authorianism will serve this people better. In Egypt, I'm inclined to say democracy. It's a different situation than Iran.


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