Friday, August 19, 2011

Casting calls

For S and G, I was just looking over our old casting call posts (which are total classics and I, for one, would love to see the return of...) and came to the following conclusion:

We are all clearly drunk every time we post a comment on this blog.

It is the only logical assessment for the insanity and inane ramblings that are housed within the comment pages (never mind the original posts).


Fredo said...

I, for one, believe we all deserve a hearty "huzzah."

Our drunk ramblings are more sensible than 92.4% of the population, when they're sober.

SheaHeyKid said...

I race fast cars, play tennis, and fondle women... BUT! I have weekends off, and I am my own boss.

Or something like that.

SheaHeyKid said...

I know this won't help dispute DC's point about our comments, but...

Fredo, do you remember years ago that horrific Greyhound bus ride you had when your car died? Well, I'm here to let you know it could have been worse - you could have been on this Greyhound.

This line is particularly classic: The bus did not know it lost its load... Indeed.

Fredo said...

I know I have forgotten so much of what made it memorable, as there were a million little bizarre happenings. Each small stop was stranger than the last.

What still stands out was the 20-something-ish guy with the scar/tattoo on his forehead who, not surprisingly, revealed later that he'd just gotten out of jail. [can't remember now if the scar was a swastika that he'd gotten while high on LSD, or an "LSD" scar that he got while hanging out with neo-Nazis. I'm sure DC prolly remembers--brain like a steel trap, that one]

And the overweight middle-aged African American lady who, of course, had to be the first one to loudly question the guy after about 15 minutes of hushed silence.

"Boy, what you do t' your face?"


Then, with the bus expecting this guy to lose his shit and go postal on everyone, he instead sheepishly responds while looking at the floor. "Oh, yeah, I got really drunk one night and woke up with it...

[wait for it]

It was really stupid."

The bull semen was more of a problem to fellow drivers than the passengers on the bus, sounds like. So I think my trip is still reigning champ.


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