Sunday, September 04, 2011

Important Zombie information

In case you haven't yet seen these, DC, I know you're always looking to absorb more information that could be pertinent to your zombie plan:

5 Scientific reasons a zombie outbreak could actually happen.

And, because we're always "fair & balanced" here at OccObs,

7 Scientific reasons a zombie outbreak would quickly fail.


dark commenteer said...

The problem is that the 7 FAIL reasons do not apply to a few of the 5 inevitable reasons.
Thus, I continue to update my plans and stockpile essential survival gear (read: guns).
I do appreciate the heads-up though--you can never have too much info...

Fredo said...

The combination of tiny robots and zombie apocalypse--this is DC's worst nightmare come to pass.

Fredo said...

I always kind of hoped that Skynet would kill the zombies, and now I'm finding out that Skynet makes the zombies.


dark commenteer said...

Don't worry, dude--I'm like the Hannibal Smith of zombie/robot/alien apocalypse plans.

I've got it covered and I will save humanity...of course, by humanity I most mean myself and a few other people that can keep up but that still counts, right?


dark commenteer said...

Making matters worse, last night I watched a double feature of T2 and T3 right before bedtime.

Add that to the fact that I was multitasking by reading all those lists on Cracked on my iPad while watching the movies and you can imagine what my dreams were like last night...

Fredo said...

Extra cup of coffee for you yesterday, then? Oh wait--you're just screwed.

What do you do when short on sleep?

dark commenteer said...

When I'm short on sleep, generally, I sleep.
I've actually become extremely efficient on minimal sleep...not due to any training or preparation for the apocalypse--the kids just refuse to allow us the benefit of lovely, lovely slumber.


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