Thursday, September 27, 2012

Excellent Analysis of the Galactic Empire's Failure

This is a must read for all OccObsers.  The only thing I would add to the analysis is the Emperor's and Darth Vader's over-reliance on their ability to foresee the future using the force led to over confidence.


dark commenteer said...


Interesting though that a Navy guy basically throws the Imperial Navy under the bus as being at the core of all the problems...

Fredo said...

I particularly enjoyed the discussion of the cross-command issues the Imperials were dealing with Endor. Shed some light on that one for me.

Ultimately, while it's a good analysis, and contributes to a deeper understanding of the Star Wars universe, I think he's overstating the Imperial motiviational model when he calls it "failure = death" . Sure, this was true for Captain Needa, Admiral Ozzel, and nearly Admiral Motti. But it's pretty clear that Vader operated somewhat in a bubble outside normal Imperial protocol. I have not heard another example of an Imperial being, say, lined up and shot by Stormtrooper firing squad for tactical failures. As long as the Dark Lord of the Sith wasn't around, the protocol seemed fairly standard to me--including inter-branch rivalries.


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