Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Score one for SHK

I was looking back--way back--in the deep OccObs archives.   It was interesting to read some of the posts during the earliest stages of the race for the GOP nomination in the '08 cycle.  In the Fall of '06, I found Duncan Hunter an interesting possibility because he was beating the drum of protectionism;  I thought Brownback would be the best conservative option from an ideological perspective, but for his support of McCain/Kennedy (in hindsight, his support of McCain/Kennedy may have been his strongest recommendation); and I was commending Virgil Goode for insinuating all Muslims are the enemy.  What a clown circus.

SHK, OTOH, got one big prediction right. Unfortunately, the link in the original blogpost no longer works. I found this NYP story from the same date. Any idea if it was what you were referencing, SHK?

Here's the upshot of the article:
Some of Rudy Giuliani's fiercest city critics are set to launch "swift boat"-type strikes to inform voters around the nation about the former mayor's behavior before 9/11, The Post has learned...

...Here are six obstacles Rudy Giuliani will have to overcome if he expects to be president:

1) BERNARD KERIK - Former top cop imploded after nomination as homeland security chief raised ethical questions.

2) RUSSELL HARDING- Patronage pol pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $400,000. Investigators also found child porn on Harding's computer.

3) WARDROBE MALFUNCTION - Giuliani might get dressed down for wearing women's clothes on "Saturday Night Live."

4) WIFE STRIFE - First the cousin, later the mistress.Donna Hanover was the woman in the middle.

5) WHAT'S LEFT - Giuliani has liberal-leaning views on gun control, abortion rights and gay rights.

6) THREE'S A CROWD - Giuliani moved out of Gracie Mansion (right) and into a condo with two gay men and a dog.



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