Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Malaysian Air Flight 370

I've been horrified and fascinated by this all week. How does a 777 go missing? In the age of global satellite coverage, no less? When hundreds of cell phones are on board?

The only plausible explanation at first seemed a sudden and catastrophic accident. It would have to been so sudden and catastrophic, that the pilots were rendered incapacitated within moments. Otherwise, how to account for the lack of a single radio transmission of trouble?

Once that possibility seemed contradicted by the flight making course and altitude changes after the plane disappeared from our scopes, it seemed likely that the pilot was trying to float away with the rest of garbage. That theory is getting more probable by the day, now that it seems clear the new waypoints were programmed into the system before the pilot signed off with his dispassionate "All right, good night."

The lack of any apparent conflict in the cabin (again, no radio transmissions from the captain, no text messages from the passengers despite the plane apparently flying at a low altitude for a considerable period of time, during which even the messages of dead passengers written previously could have transmitted) makes a hijacking appear unlikely, especially coupled with the transponders being shut off while the plane was still flying.  Unless these were some silent and incredibly effective terrorists.

So who does #2 work for? Hard to say. Plenty of theories. Was this a test, to see if a plane could be set to fly remotely or on autopilot towards a potential target, with the cabin depressurized so that there would be no conscious passengers to thwart the plan? Was the plane being stolen for use in a future attack? Were there specific targets among the passengers being taken hostage or killed? Was there a completely silent cockpit intrusion and coercion of the crew, coupled with a very sophisticated set of hijacking requests (shut off data transmission/change course/evade radar), and the inability of the experienced pilot to send up a silent alarm to air controllers?

There is too much intentionality for there not to be a larger plan at work. What and why is yet to be revealed. It seems to me that this was no mere mechanical failure, nor pilot suicide. Going nose down would've been easy by comparison. Meanwhile, the hundreds of family members are being put through a form of torture that is difficult to comprehend.


Fredo said...

I should add this grim assessment: I have a feeling the passengers were killed by oxygen loss. Hope I'm wrong.

Fredo said...

In the reports that came out the first few days after the disappearance, it was mentioned that the engine transponders (which apparently were communicating for a quite a while after the cockpit transponders had been shut off) indicated that the plane was flying for an extended period above 44,000 feet, which above the safe ceiling indicated by the manufacturer, which would have facilitated (or accelerated) the oxygen deprivation.

ManBeast said...

Best theory I've seen yet:

Beetz McDogg said...

just Read The Link. it sounds very feasible especially with the transponders turned off

Beetz McDogg said...

just Heard Trump Talking About the Missing Flight. He Thinks It Had ToDo With The Lithium Ion Batteries They Were Carrying Cause The Have The Tendency To Cause Fires

Fredo said...

MB: Agreed that theory makes sense. However, probability seems on the side that flotsam off Australia is 370 unless they can visually find it and rule it out.

Beetz: Lithium battery fire would make sense, except the lack of a distress call. If the pilots changed course for emergency landing, they would've radioed in a may day. If the fire was "silent" and knocked the passengers and crew out before they could've radioed a may day, why did they reset the course?

You're left with the solution that they knew there was an emergency, changed course for an emergency landing, but didn't get around to radioing in a may day and then got rendered unconscious before they could. Seems really unlikely given how experienced the pilot was.

Beetz McDogg said...

I concur, just another theory that was going around. I also heard about the pilot making a cell phone call before they took off. either of you guys hear about that or know anything about it

Fredo said...

I had heard about the cell call, but last I'd heard (a couple days ago) there hadn't been any info released about who he was calling or why.

This morning's news:

1) Satellite has now captured a debris field in Southern Indian Ocean near Australia. Coupled with the Brit's revised satellite math, it seems damn near certain the plane was flown into the middle of the ocean and crashed there.

2) Apparently the pilot was going through a lot of personal strife with a fellow pilot telling the reporter that he had no business flying. So this would tie in with the theory that the pilot intentionally took over the plane, in this case for a suicide. I discounted that possibility earlier, b/c why take the plane on a 5 - 7 hour joy ride and run out of fuel? Why not just go nose down? Why bother trying to outsmart ground radar and all that? But perhaps that's just what happened. Tough to figure out what was going through the pilot's mind.


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