Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Foundational prinicples: Choosing between competing goods

Version 1:

There should be stability of law. 

We need a regulatory, entitlement and tax code framework that is palatable across the vast middle of the political spectrum, so that it is not constantly redrawn when power changes hands. 

When such changes occur (e.g., ACA), it damages the ability of individuals to make intentional, thoughtful choices in the marketplace.   It makes it difficult for free parties to enter into arrangements with confidence (e.g., hiring new workers).

It also creates the appearance of third world corruption, where rules are artifice, constantly redefined to the benefit a small group of backers of the party in power (e.g., Solyndra).

Version 2:

There should be a rollback of government.

The footprint of our regulatory, entitlement and tax code needs to be drastically reduced.   Even if such a rollback can only be achieved by a bare plurality, it is a legal and moral obligation based on our nation's founding principles.  

The positive effects of such a rollback, including enhanced personal freedom and increased prosperity, will eventually lead to this model being embraced by a broad majority of Americans.  It will be a sustainable political paradigm.

Version 3: 

We need a smarter deployment of federal resources.

We need a muscular government that invests in domestic programs and favors domestic interests.   Policy needs to be directed at improving our economic growth prospects in the future, and reversing the decades-long stagnation in real middle-class wages.  

The largest benefits to our information-age economy come from investing in human capital, so improving educational outcomes is a high priority.   

Improvements to the economic infrastructure, such as transportation and telecommunication technology, need to be incentivized.   Where the private sector cannot bring necessary scale to such endeavors, public investment should be considered on a cost/benefit basis.  

Version 4: 

Something better.



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Always sniffing for the truth

Always sniffing for the truth

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