Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey Beasty, give us your review of the "The Road"

I believe every contributor (except for maybe SHK and Beetz; but Beetz lives the book) who hasn't seen the film has already read the book.

MB? What say you? Did it capture the essence of the novel? Was it better for having Charlize Theron? Does the film rip out your will to live half as much as McCarthy does?

You write now.


ManBeast said...

They did a great job of capturing the essence of the book. I was either gritting my teeth or squeezing my armrest white-knuckled the whole movie. They left out a few parts - mostly trivial. I highly recommend getting to the theater and sitting close. It's an unforgettable experience. Charlize Theron did an admirable job, but Vigo carried the film.

Not surprisingly I couldn't fall asleep easily after seeing it. I had thoughts of iodine pills & go-kits and plans for digging a bunker in my backyard running through my head.

Fredo said...

I keep asking myself, am I really willing to sacrifice the IGS for a bunker? Is life without a green backyard even worth living?

dark commenteer said...

Rig the sprinklers right and you've got a water supply for the bunker...
I have become convinced that go-kits and supply stashes are grossly overrated. The most important things will be an escape plan and weapons. Without guns, you will be easy pickings for the animals that will want your supplies, spouse, children, whatever. And they will allow you to obtain items you might need along the way--after all, how much pre-packaged gear and food can you reasonably carry? Eventually you will need to change your morals to continue to survive.
Which actually brings me to a single point of contention that I had with the book. I understand McCarthy's desire to keep the man and the boy as pure as possible and have them "carry the light" but from a practical standpoint, they would not have lasted as long as the did without being much harder (granted, not as bad as the convoy members but still...).
Makes for a great book and spotlight for the human spirit and morality but it is absolutely not a legit survival guide.
Finally, although I have not seen the film I can firmly state that the inclusion of Charlize Theron is ALWAYS a positive point in a film...


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