Sunday, May 22, 2011

Daniels is out

I'm shocked by this one. Gov. Daniels has announced he is not running for President.

This leaves Mitt as the prohibitive front runner, T-Paw as the most likely Mitt-alternative, Huntsman as the only viable dark horse, and the door slightly more ajar for one of the fringe candidates (Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, etc.) to make some noise in Iowa and make the GOP look a little more fringe.

BTW, what a weak a statement from My Man Mitch:

What could have been a complicated decision was in the end very simple: on matters affecting us all, our family constitution gives a veto to the women’s caucus, and there is no override provision. Simply put, I find myself caught between two duties. I love my country; I love my family more.

If you're not running b/c your wife doesn't want you to, own the decision. Don't throw her under the bus in the national press. "I've decided not to run, largely because I know it will disrupt my family and they are my first priority." Not "she vetoed my choice to run." Weak.



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Always sniffing for the truth

Always sniffing for the truth

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