Friday, May 20, 2011

Typical Liberal Thinking

I logged on to my computer this morning only to find about a dozen emails that didn't make much sense to me. They were posts to a pro-gay marriage Facebook group. Of course I was confused, so I looked through the emails to the least recent. It turn out an acquaintance from high school, who I liked well enough when I knew her then, is gay and living with another woman, added me to the group. This is despite the fact the my profile says conservative under politics. My experience is that liberals can't even conceive of a reasonable person who doesn't share all of their views. Needless to say, I immediately left the group. I wonder how she would have reacted had I made her a member of a group opposing gay marriage?


dark commenteer said...

I'd guess it would be grounds for an immediate "de-friending," followed by messages to all of their friends about what a closed-minded, homophobic, hate-monger you are, which would lead to you getting carpet bombed with hate e-mails.

Or something equally as reasonable...

Fredo said...

This is why I avoid Facebook like the plague. I don't understand what happens there and I feel like anything that occurs will work against me.


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Always sniffing for the truth

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