Monday, May 30, 2011

I'll have what he's having

So I'm at a wedding this weekend and it's getting near the end of the night. My friend comes back from the bar, obviously annoyed, and declares that the bartender is screwing him. He says he's watched the last few pours and the guy is putting in the bare minimum amount of alcohol and mostly filling with soda. (I of course don't have this issue since I'm drinking Dewar's rocks all night.)

So he says "Next time, I'm going to have to order my drink bin laden style." I say "What's that?" He says "Two shots and a splash."

Apparently this is what another bartender in NYC had suggested to him the previous week.



Fredo said...

I typically order my single barrel bourbon or single malt scotch as a double with a splash of water.

Q: Have I been ordering my drinks "bin laden" style for years?

Thanks in advance your help.


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