Thursday, January 26, 2012

Newt explores the area behind Ann Coulter's woodshed

and finds it most unwelcoming.  First, regarding entitlement reform:
Romney supports entitlement reform along the lines of the Paul Ryan plan, as he has said plainly, but without histrionics, in the debates. 
Just last year, Gingrich went on "Meet the Press" and called Ryan's plan -- supported by nearly every House Republican -- "right-wing social engineering." 

He apologized for those remarks, then took back his apology, still later doubled down, calling the Ryan plan "suicide," and now -- currently, but it could change any minute -- Gingrich supports Ryan's entitlement reform efforts. 

For the latest updates on Newt's position on the Ryan plan, go to http// 

Next, w/r/t health care:

For those of you who still think Romneycare is the worst possible sin a Republican candidate could commit -- even worse than taking money from Freddie Mac as it destroyed the economy -- that doesn't help Gingrich: He supported Romneycare. 

(While we're on the subject, the nation's leading conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation, helped draft Romneycare. Indeed, Bob Moffit, Heritage's senior fellow on health care issues, can be seen in the picture of the bill-signing ceremony, standing proudly behind Romney.) 

But Gingrich did more than support Romneycare. As former senator Rick Santorum has pointed out, Gingrich supported a FEDERAL individual mandate to purchase health insurance from 1993 until five minutes ago -- i.e., at least until a "Meet the Press" appearance just last May. 


SheaHeyKid said...

The republican leadership is coming out in force against newt. See here

Fredo said...

The Romney campaign managed to coordinate several "Gingrich was no Reaganite" charges simultaneously, which created the intended effect of "truthiness."

The reality is, of course, that Newt was Reaganite in the 80's when Mitt was expressly running away from Reagan and preparing to vote for Tsongas. Jeffrey Lord has completely deconstructed the main "Gingrich as anti-Reagan" piece at the American Spectator here.

None of this says that Gingrich is the better candidate for President now, only that Mitt has constructed an untrue political attack on Newt in Florida that has been effective in moving the needle towards his victory.

Make of that what you will.

SheaHeyKid said...

We're gonna need someone who can go bare knuckle against Obama in the fall. Newt wilted after going on the offensive the week before.

Now, on a separate note: Someone is going to have to tell mitt to stop staring at his opponents with that weird smile when they are speaking. I suspect it's not going to play well with the casual voter watching him debate Obama. I think it's fine to watch your opponent when he's speaking but I'd lose the strange half smile.

Mitt's biggest weakness in his debating style IMO is that unlike newt or Ron paul, he usually doesn't come across as speaking from the gut. Rather, it seems more like he is speaking from a scripted response. Fortunately, that is also obama's weakness and thus I see that as a wash in the general election.

SheaHeyKid said...

Buchanan latest to rip newt. unfortunately for newt when Buchanan and coulter are tearing you, that's tough to counter. Their conservative creds are solid.

Fredo said...

SHK-- I think you hit on the one of Mitt's bigger weaknesses. He's overscripted. It's not just a perception--he actually is overscripted.

Obama is also overscripted, though not quite as robotic in delivery. The bigger problem for Mitt, is that he is going to be portrayed as a puppet of the 1% against the middle class, and his debate persona feeds into that a bit (i.e., not a real person that speaks from the gut).


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