Monday, January 09, 2012

NH Predictions

I was expecting Fredo to ask, but I'll post my predictions for tomorrow on my own:

Romney 30%
Huntsman 22%
Paul 20%
Santorum 14%
Gingrich 11%
Perry 3%


dark commenteer said...

Huntsman is dead in the water.

I work with a few Mormons and apparently Huntsman's father (who is crazy rich) has been financing his campaign.

The problem is that the elder Huntsman is a strict Mormon and found out that his boy is a coffe drinker. As a result, the money flow is gone...

Fredo said...

Well D.C., I kind of agree with Beasty that Huntsman is coming in second or third in NH. He might not need any more money from the Victory SuperPac if that's the case.

Here's my guess:

Romney 36%
Huntsman 19%
Paul 18%
Gingrich 13%
Santorum 12%
Perry 1%

If Hunts comes in second in NH, he's got a ticket punched to S.C. If third, it's iffy. Santorum, Perry, and Gingrich are all trying to consolidate the S.C. conservative vote and it's not clear to me, at this point, who will come the closest. Gingrich is my bet. Huntsman needs to eat directly into Mitt's S.C. support if he wants to continue his momentum.

Fredo said...

Check that: "Our Destiny" superPac


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