Friday, March 16, 2012

I just want to point out

That this is probably Fredo's best post in the long history of OccObs. And Fredo loves good Fredo posts. Fredo's out.


dark commenteer said...

I may have to concur.

The post gave me great pleasure and hearty laughter.

P.S.--I also read that one on the fact, most of my browsing comes there...hmmm.

dark commenteer said...

And does this lead to the LOTR casting call?

They are always my personal favorite Fredo posts, whether or not I am in the bathroom.

Beetz McDogg said...

Was wondering if DC still had the role call we did for B.O.B. if not I'd like to beach that again. Mainly since I found out Scoop hasn't seen it yet. That is a travistie. It offends me hence the reason I wanna have a screening of at least the first few episodes of the legen (wait for it) dery mini series. Best mini series ever

dark commenteer said...

Dogg--I have a partial list...if you remember, it was written in a highly elevated state of inebriation. Therefore, some of it is somewhat illegible, while other parts are incomprehensible--it just has random stuff like "BEER" or "hippopotamus" or stuff that looks like glyphs or runes scribbled on it.

I, too, was appaled that Scoop has not seen BoB. I may watch it again on principle alone.

I'll see if I can find the crazy list and decipher what we had--I'm not expecting anything that makes sense for casting though.

I also have "lists" started for LotR, Avengers, and Star Trek, I think...input, anyone?

Fredo said...

stuff that looks like glyphs or runes scribbled on it.

Does it really surprise you that we slipped into Elvish at some point? I can't remember what was being said, but then someone just shouted out "Then I shall die as one of them!"

That was weird.


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