Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Liberty Mutual ads

I have no idea how good a company they are, but they've either got great values or great advertising consultants.

I love the whole series of ads they've had in recent years focusing on individual responsibility. In just 30 or 60 seconds, they manage to spin a narrative. One that, as my 8th grade English teacher might put it, "shows us, doesn't tell us," what they mean.

Our world seems to increasingly isolate us, keep our kids confined to their homes, coax us into spending our free time in front of a screen instead of talking with a neighbor or loved one.   Cocooning. And yet we are still connected through little decisions--in ways we wouldn't expect. As social creatures entwined in a web of coummunity, our decisions reverberate beyond their intended effects. And surprisingly, we can still make a real and postitive impact, even in a world that seems so crushingly big.

They managed to marry the right music for the message, and that's why, IMO, the ads work so well.  Music that is aesthetically beautiful, but also solemn and wistful, in line with the seriousness of the theme. Just as importantly, all the songs are arranged sparsely.  So it's more a capella than a wall of noise.  An individual in conversation about individuals.

I know its borderline embarrassing to admit a company managed to connect w/ me via their advertisements, but I'm curious if others feel the same way I do. Here's 3 examples, with 3 of the songs I really like. I think Amen Omen is my favorite.
Song: Amen Omen, by Ben Harper

Song: The Part Where You Let Go, by Hem

Song: Half Acre, by Hem


Fredo said...

This was obviously a huge jump the shark moment. No one even wants to come within a mile of this one.

"No, Fredo, it Interesting? Nice work, cowboy."

dark commenteer said...

Actually, it involved watching stuff so I was too lazy to click on the boxes to check out a commercial...apathy WIN!


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