Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So just continue and try again....



ManBeast said...

If it's covered by the media at all, I bet they won't call it anti-woman. But the right is waging a war on women. They certainly won't call it eugenics. I saw many people posting on Facebook that in 30 years, opposition to gay marriage will look as silly as opposition to interracial marriage. How will abortion look in 30 years? Will it be called what it is? Murder?

Fredo said...

The trend is certainly moving in that direction. And there are two main reasons for that, IMHO:

1) Science: More people are now exposed to ultrasounds. They have seen a 12 or 14 week old fetus, heart beating away. And if they haven't, they have a friend or relative that have and joyfully shared a photo with them.

2) Demographics: The country is skewing older, meaning the percentage of the population that is of child-rearing age or older is higher than in the past.

Both trends should continue.


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Always sniffing for the truth

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