Thursday, October 22, 2009

When will Congress get around to regulating my digestion?

I saw Chris Dodd on the news this morning bragging about proposed legislation to dictate what banks can charge for overdraft fees. Since the government seems so engaged in telling businesses how to run themselves, why shouldn't the government tell me where and when to poop? This way I could eat and drink whatever I want and not worry about consequences. Why should I be responsible when the government can be?

Obama! Obama! Obama!


SheaHeyKid said...

Luckily he's governing from the center in a bipartisan fashion. Certainly not using bare-knuckle Chicago-style politics.

Fredo said...

MB, if you don't start exercising some personal responsibility, your G/I tract may well become the catalyst for a government-run bowel movement regulatory agency.

That goes double for you, Beetz.


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Always sniffing for the truth

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