Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Pope Opens the Door for Anglicans

The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury jointly announced an official path for Anglican worshipers and clergy to convert to Roman Catholicism. This article points out that it could be a double-edged sword. One on hand it may bring more of the traditionally faithful Anglicans back into the Catholic fold. On the other hand, by allowing married Anglican clergy to become Catholic clergy, progressives in the Catholic church may want the same allowance for existing Catholic clergy.


ManBeast said...

C'mon. This is pure Fredo bait!

Fredo said...

I've been meaning to read up on this story from a source I trust (Zenit.org) but haven't gotten around to it yet.

From what I can gather the legal mechanism for these "Anglican Catholic Communities" will be similar to that which exists for Opus Dei.

The marriage angle isn't anything new. Non Latin-Rite Catholic priests (primarily Eastern Rite) are already able to marry. The discipline of clerical celibacy is a Latin-Rite tradition, but is not some kind of church dogma. Never has been.

Advocates of married priests have always made the point that the tradition of celibate priests could be changed, and that is not disputed by the Church heirarchy. But the discipline of celibate priests has been maintained because it allows for clerics to be fully available to their flock, and fully immersed in liturgical and private prayer.

As anyone with kids knows how difficult such full mind/body/spirit availability would be with your own children and, perhaps even more, a wife expecting you to help. ; )

Fredo said...

By the way, just got around to reading the Time article.

Time handling Church matters is a little like having Dice Clay analyze nursery rhymes. He's got a little familiarity with the content, but is more interested in what they can do for him, than what they're intending to say.

Love this quote:

"The Holy See's eagerness to find a home for the core of conservative-minded Anglicans follows the Pope's outreach earlier this year to the traditionalist breakaway movement founded by French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, which opposes the modern-minded reforms of the Second Vatican Council."

True, SSPX opposed Vatican II, and they refer to the post-conciliar church as embracing "Modernism." But I highly doubt Time means the same thing by "modern" (up-to-date, accessible to the masses, not backwards) as what SSPX means by "Modernism" (philosophical relativism, hyper-rationalism, etc.). It's playing with words to create a negative impression of what orthodoxy is about.

I wonder if Jeff Israely has ever read anything by Bishop Lefebvre. Just wondering.


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