Monday, February 08, 2010

While I like Sarah Palin,

this woman is not ready for prime time.


SheaHeyKid said...

I was going to discuss Palin w.r.t. MB's post below about the Tea Party. I agree that the Tea Party is serving a great purpose. I hope it continues to serve as a push on both the Repub and Dem party, meaning I hope it stays as a true 3rd party and not just a Repub wing. While I'd hate to see votes splintered off the Repub candidate, let's face it: the repubs have been AWFUL stewards of the economy over the past decade. Someone needs to keep them honest on balanced budgets and trade deficits.

As for Palin, I appreciate her energy, her ability to energize the base, and her stance on moral issues. Beyond that, she has NO business being president. The issues facing this country today are too complex to put in her hands, plain and simple. What we need is a Gingrich-like individual. Someone who can rally the base, but who is very intelligent and able to articulate and defend a thoughtful position.

Perhaps that person will be Mitt, or Mitch Daniels, or a player to be named later.

Fredo said...

Thanks SHK, for allowing me to be economical with wordage.

Fredo said...

For the record, I am all in on the Mitch Daniels bandwagon for now.

Fredo said...

T Paw close second, but when I look at their relative approval ratings in their home states, I lean to Daniels.

Fredo said...

I feel similarly to her as I do with W. They may have enough allegiance from the base to capture the nomination, but they don't have the personal qualities needed to be an effective CEO/CIC.

She'd make a great Senator from Alaska.


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