Friday, July 20, 2012

Caribou vs. Insects

Some wild photos and interesting stuff:

"The bugs on the North Slope are pretty ferocious," Joly told OurAmazingPlanet. "The mosquitoes just harass them 24 hours per day." The warble flies and nasal bots that are out now are even worse in some ways, he said; the warbles try to lay eggs on the animal's sides and the bots try to fly up caribou nostrils to deposit eggs.

To avoid the flying pests, caribou move inland and into higher elevations where there are fewer winged menaces. This forces them closer together in groups called aggregations, which reduces each individual's exposure in terms of relative numbers of bugs and body area open to harassment.


ManBeast said...
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ManBeast said...

Interesting stuff, but I have to admit disappointment. After reading the headline and first line, I was looking forward to pics of CaribouExpress covered in bugs. Kinda like anticipating a horror movie and getting a nature film.

dark commenteer said...

Strategy works against flying knee-drops as well...


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