Thursday, July 05, 2012

More predicitions from "The Eagle"

Always take this stuff with a grain of salt, but it's good grist for the mill (is that crossing metaphors?).  

For the full transcript, see the following link:

The Race 4 2012 Rumor Mill – GOP Convention Edition

The first part discusses the GOP Convention.  I'll cut to the bottom line, but there's lots of interesting stuff if you click the link:
Rubio gets the Keynote speech [Monday night]. Christie and Rice dominate Tuesday night, Woman’s night. Wednesday will be the reformers, the Governors of the GOP. Jindal or Pawlenty finishes the night with the Vice Presidential acceptance speech. Thursday will be Mitt Romney’s night.
Regarding the veepstakes:
Nothing has changed. Except maybe Jindal’s people are getting more involved. What I mean is that they’re spending time getting to know the people in Boston. I think it’s a great sign for Jindal becoming the selection. Honestly, the people who I have talked with, well let’s put it this way: If you ask Jindal’s people they will tell you they think it’s between Jindal and Pawlenty; if you ask Pawlenty’s people, they will tell you it’s between Jindal and Pawlenty. A whole lot of people would have to be reading this stuff wrong if it’s not between those two guys, you know what I mean? Now I think it’s still going to be Pawlenty because of where the battlefield is taking place. But Jindal is the option that Boston is looking at very closely. 
It's worth noting that "the Eagle" has previously admitted to being part of the MN GOP establishment, which means his information is probably coming from T-Paw circles, and hence somewhat tilted in that direction. The only thing I would take away from this (assuming the whole thing is not some planted misdirection on behalf of the Mitt folks), is that Jindal and T-Paw are both under consideration. The fact that he takes Pawlenty as the favorite? We'll see.



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Always sniffing for the truth

Always sniffing for the truth

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