Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mitt's veep choice: On Stranger Tides

Mitt appears ready to announce, and all the CW is that he's going with one of the pasty boring choices, probably Pawlenty or Portman.  A position that I've agreed with, and endorsed, since the beginning of the campaign.

That said, Obama has changed the trajectory of this campaign in the past week and half, and is clearly winning the argument.  Looking at the polling numbers I linked to last night, there can be little doubt that Mitt will lose, unless he can convince people his business experience is a positive, and not a negative, for the country.  He seems incapable, to this point of taking Obama to task on his attacks other than whining for an apology.

Should Mitt wait a bit longer, for the head-to-head polling numbers will begin to reflect the reality that the foundation of his campaign is being broken.  I think that would change his veep calculus.   A riskier, more confrontational persona might be in order to take on the lies and distortions that are effectively damaging Mitt's reputation.   I have never thought Mitt, with his cautious calculating personality, would ever roll the dice on a veep selection, but that hour may be at hand.

Is it time for large-and-in-charge?


ManBeast said...

Chris Christie would be perfect. He did say he's not ready to be president, which would come back to bite him, but he's so good at dealing with the crap the MSM and Dems throw at him, it wouldn't matter.

Mitt really needs to get some balls. He's letting the Obama campaign walk all over him.


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