Wednesday, November 04, 2009

2009 Elections

A great night for the GOP, with McDonnell and Christie providing the signature wins. But it wasn't just the big races that were important. In Nassau County, the GOP picked up 2 seats and regained control of the Legislature; and Mangano trails Suozzi for County Executive by a mere 0.1% of the vote (237 votes out of approx 235K cast) in a race that will involve absentee ballots and perhaps a recount. It's a shame that the Conservative Party didn't endorse Mangano, as that would most certainly have pushed him over the top--Hansen received over 9,000 votes. All in all, much to be encouraged about.

To all the newly elected GOP officials: get to work sharpening that axe. Let's get spending under control.


SheaHeyKid said...

You just KNEW it was inevitable, but somehow it still smacks me across the face reading the headline today:

Analysis: Elections not a referendum on Obama

Washington (CNN) -- Victories in New Jersey and Virginia Tuesday provided a major shot in the arm for the Republican Party heading into the 2010 elections, but the Democratic losses of these two governorships should not be interpreted as a significant blow to President Obama.

Now, what sort of odds do you think Vegas would lay that had the Dems swept the elections, the headlines wouldn't have said "Dem sweep confirms and bolsters support for Obama's policies"???

Biggest. Crock. Ever.

SheaHeyKid said...

At least the local CBS affiliate had the stones to call it right:

Christie Unseats Corzine In Garden State Thriller

By Defeating Incumbent, Former U.S. Attorney Deals Blow To President Obama, Who Carried The State Easily In 2008

Fredo, your point about sharpening the axe is dead on. Unless these newly elected Republicans behave differently than their predecessors over the past decade, the victory will be hollow. A Republican who doesn't cut taxes, balance spending, protect America, uphold the rule of law, and allow the little guy the freedom to build businesses and get this country back up and running, is not useful.

SheaHeyKid said...

The NYT/MSNBC column predictably switched their focus to the upstate NY race and the "warning" and "continued trouble" it spells for the Republican party going forward. Why focus on the major story when you can try your best to be a shill for the Democrats?

At least they had this passage, which is the ABSOLUTE critical outcome from yesterday's elections:

Independent voters who had flocked to Mr. Obama in Virginia and New Jersey last year shifted on Tuesday to the Republican candidates in both states, Christopher J. Christie in New Jersey and Robert F. McDonnell in Virginia, according to exit polls in both states. That is a swing that will certainly be noted by moderate Congressional Democrats facing re-election next year, who may now be more reluctant to support Mr. Obama on tough votes in Congress.

Fredo said...

Listen, I was pulling for Hoffman in NY-23, but to spin this as some big loss for the GOP is absurd. We lost a race where a guy with no political experience and not much charisma ran against a Democrat who was endorsed by the Republican candidate.

What I'm wondering is, how did Hoffman even manage to keep the race close?

All this media spin about a GOP civil war is nonsense. 10 guys in a pizza parlor screwed up by picking Scozzafava. If they'd had a primary, this never would have occurred.

SheaHeyKid said...

MSNBC has been hands down the most liberal biased organization for the past few years. In the late 90s and earlier in the decade it was CNN, but they've tried to move less left, whereas MSNBC has made a conscious decision to be blatantly left.


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