Thursday, November 12, 2009

Comment bait.

I earlier posted this: "Once you control spending, you can cut the taxes. We've got to move away from the starve-the-beast model which just hasn't worked."

No comments.

I'm interested if that's b/c you guys agree, disagree, or just don't care. This is, to me, probably the most important issue out there going forward, and at the core of how I think the GOP needs to redefine itself. Don't cede the notion of "responsibility" to Obama and his ilk, especially when they're the ones bailing out their cronies (See: W, UA).

Of course, there are probably lots of seasoned politicians who would tell you a tighten-the-belt candidate is as well liked as a bowl of rice when you're already constipated. Or something like that.


ManBeast said...

I think it's a great idea. I'm just too realistic to have any hope of it ever being enacted at the federal level.

Mayor Protium said...

A platform of starving the system will help with getting your candidate elected especially during a down economy. But, once in office, it doesn't help you get anything done. You have nothing to trade, so compromise is unlikely, and without compromise, progress is difficult.

In Michigan, Republicans have been running on that platform (mostly successfully) for the last decade. Problem is that once they are in they can't decide what to cut. They look at the budget and see that what matters most to their conservative constituents (schools, roads, prisons) account for the majority of the budget and can't be cut.

Nationally is a different story for a different day.

Fredo said...

Hizzoner!!! Glad to have your W&W on board.

At the municipal level, I largely agree. At the federal level, which was my focus (though not yours, I understand), we all know that in a few decades, existing entitlement programs, defense spending, and debt service account for the entire federal budget, plus some.

Want to reduce the tax burden on the American people? (which, let's face it, primarily means reducing the federal tax burden)

The answer is not to pass massive $1T new entitlement programs (a la Obamacare); not to pass massive new regulatory schemes that will impede growth of the tax base and necessitate growing the federal bureaucracy (a la cap-and-tax); and can't even be business as usual for my friends in the defense lobby and their often conservative allies in the armed services committee.

For the government: Privatization and minimalism. For the people: Stewardship and personal responsibility.


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