Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nova? Or not to nova?

Well, college hoops season is well underway. As many of you know, I've been a lifelong Johnnies' fan. However, I'm thinking of switching my allegiance to Villanova.

Here are my pros and cons.

1. Jay Wright knows how to run a program, I can easily get behind the team.
2. Catholic to Catholic school swap.
3. In all my years of watching Big East hoops, 'Nova never bothered me. Only G-town and UConn would be out of the question for me.
4. Johnnies show no sign of taking their hoops program seriously ever again and turning it around. I'm a patient fan (see point #5), but come on.
5. As a Mets, Jets and ND fan I can only take so much for so long. I need SOMETHING. 'Nova would give me that winning team.

1. Can't really think of any, except that I strongly prefer to keep my allegiances and root for the hometown team.

Any thoughts?


Fredo said...

Wright and 'Nova are pretty cool. I dig them.

But still, why not Duke? 3 NC's since the Wildcat's won it.

K does it the right way, staunch Catholic, USMA grad (& coach), Knight disciple, and the record at Duke speaks for itself, all without a blemish.

C'mon in, bro. The water's fine.

Fredo said...

Plus, let's face it, it's cool to hate Duke, so coming on board is even counter-cultural.

SheaHeyKid said...

Mainly because of 3 reasons. First is I'd like to keep it in the Big East. Second is that given all of Duke's success, it would feel a little too bandwagon just to jump on board. It would be like announcing I'm suddenly a Yankees or Pats fan. Third is with previous Philly ties at least I can have some legitimacy to picking 'Nova..

Fredo said...

I'll give you the Big East and Philly points, if those are important to you.

I'll tell you this, though. Try rooting for Duke and see if you feel like you're on a bandwagon. Unless you are talking to a fellow Duke fan, everyone else hates you. Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Conn, and of course, UNC fans, all run around bashing K with all sorts of character assasination. It really does get old.

Fredo said...

BTW, Jamie Dixon and Pitt are pretty easy to root for as well.

Fredo said...

i'm hoping that, in 10 years, when K hangs it up, Wright and Dixon are on the short list.


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