Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State of the Union - OccObs Reaction

The Good
Obama says he wants modern nuclear (nukular?) power and to open up more drilling for oil and gas.
Wants to expand exports.
Wants to freeze discretionary spending.
Suggested all earmark requests be posted on the web.

The Bad
Nuclear policy includes cap & trade
Almost everything he suggested will result in huge expansion of government and redistribute wealth.

The Ugly
The mockery of the people who think we shouldn't spend trillions on supposed climate change.
Trying to create another stimulus bill to put us in an even deeper hole despite the fact that the first one didn't work.

The Ridiculous
Criticism of Republicans for holding up nominations.
No mention of Gitmo after all the posturing about it.
Claims that he excluded lobbyists from government positions.
Claims about operating government in a transparent fashion.
Blaming economic problems on tax cuts and medicare drug program without even a thought of Fanny/Freddie.
Continuing claims of saved jobs with no way to prove or disprove.


dark commenteer said...

As usual, I am uninformed as I opted to watch DVR'ed episodes of 24 instead of listening to prattle that would raise my blood pressure to unhealthy levels.

Figured I'd be able to get my info, post-game, from the most reliable source I know--the brilliant contributors of OccObs.

Lastly, I'm gonna be first to the punch:

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SheaHeyKid said...

I decided to watch the entire SOTU speech last night. I must say I was underwhelmed, it seemed like a lot of the wind had been taken out of his sails. The speech was for the most part emotionless, and I felt he didn't connect with people the way a Bush or Clinton did.

I agree with MB's assessment. Furthermore, his calls for action would have more credibility if he had actually delivered on anything he promised last year. Increased transparency in government? Fail. Veto any bill with pork? Fail. No lobbyists in government positions? Fail. Spirit of bipartisanship in DC? Major fail.

His speech was basically the same tired rhetoric we heard in his inauguration, only with less conviction last night.

I'd also add one other MAJOR bone of contention I had with an element of his speech to MB's ugly or ridiculous column. His attempt to directly intimidate the Supreme Court was nothing short of shocking. How can you in one breath say "With all due respect to separation of powers," and in the next breath trample that very separation with a Mack truck? Threatening the Supreme Court in their presence was bad enough, but then to add Dem representatives applauding, and rising to their seats next to SCOTUS members and staring at them is ludicrous behavior and an attempt at further usurpation of executive authority.

ManBeast said...

I forgot to add under ridiculous: Al Franken sitting behind the Joint Chiefs.

Also, is it me or does Joe Biden look exactly like Sam the Eagle from the muppets show?

Fredo said...

Holy crap! Sam the Eagle! You're right, Biden looks like him, but Sam brings a lot more presence.


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