Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Telling clip in NYT about Dems voting for Brown:

In North Andover, Katie Zezima interviewed a mother-daughter team, both of whom have long histories of voting for Democratic candidates but who switched allegiances in this hotly contested race. The views below are telling, in a way, because they perhaps underscore the shifts to State Senator Scott Brown that pollsters and the campaigns have picked up on in recent days among independent voters and some Democrats in a race that a month ago looked like a shoo-in for Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate.

From Ms. Zezima: Marlene Connolly, 73, of North Andover, says she cast her first vote for a Republican today, forced to return to her polling place after waiting 45 minutes initially when the lines were long. She left to pick up her grandson from school, and then waited another 20 minutes before finally getting her opportunity to be heard in the voting booth.

“I voiced my opinion and voted for a Republican, and the roof did not cave in,” Ms. Connolly said. “I can’t believe I’m saying this and if my husband were alive you’d hear a roar, but I think I am now a Republican. I’m just devastated by what Obama’s doing. I don’t think he cares enough about anything other than his own personal agenda or this foolish health care bill.”

It did give her pause to consider putting a Republican in to fill the seat of the late Senator Kennedy, she said. “It bothered me very much that it’s Kennedy’s seat, that did bother me. But the health bill totally upsets me. First of all, do we really know what’s going on with it? It’s always evasive when they’re talking about it.”

Most upsetting to her was the proposed deal made for unions recently on the excise tax. “My daughter and her husband work for companies that are not unionized and they would get slammed,” she explained.

But she also said that while it was fair for the president to place blame on the administration of former President George W. Bush for the economic situation, President Obama’s programs would also increase the nation’s debt. “My little grandson and his children will be paying for all these things, these giveaways. I’m a JFK person, and Jack would give you a hand up, not a handout. And that’s the difference. The Democratic party is not Jack Kennedy’s party and, ergo, I voted for Senator Brown. I think he’ll help change our tide. Of course he’s only one person, but he scared the Dickens out of the Democrats,” Ms. Connolly said.


SheaHeyKid said...

Good comment on this blog:

Is there any doubt who the GOP asks to deliver the State of the Union response? Brown seems like a slam-dunk choice.

dark commenteer said...

SHK: It's a shame you got hitched--even though she's 73, that old broad sounded like she'd be the perfect Mrs. SHK...

At least Caribou and Beetz are still single...


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