Thursday, August 23, 2012

My last word on Akin

From a thread at R 4 '12:

I weary of whipping the horse carcass any further, but this has never been about RTL or the “rape exception” debate.

The firestorm of coverage is because Akin’s comments could be reasonably interpreted to blame women for getting pregnant in case of rape. Either the victim partially consented (hence her body didn’t “shut that whole thing down”), her female parts didn’t work properly, or she wasn’t actually raped.

In other words, the rape victim is either a slut, less than a real woman, or a liar.

The cruelty in sending this message to the victim of a horrible crime is mind-numbing. The hubris Akin has shown in not withdrawing highlights his selfishness and his lack of awareness.

The damage he is doing every day to the pro-life cause should cause pro-lifers to be at the forefront of those demanding his withdrawal. With every headline, every passing day, every regurgitated story about Akin “missing science class”, Republicans “hating their mothers,” etc., Akin’s words are being used not only define him, but every pro-life advocate out there.

The majority of Americans, who have mixed feelings on this issue, are being convinced every day that pro-lifers who are against the rape exception are motivated NOT by love of the child and the mother, but by ignorance and a prejudicial bias against the victim.



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Always sniffing for the truth

Always sniffing for the truth

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