Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Star Wars Haikus

For reasons I don't fully understand, Strawberry Girl asked me to write a Star Wars haiku. Finding it fun, I wrote many. Please accept my humble contributions below without malicious laughter:

You say "I love you"
Awaiting cold carbonite
I say that I know

Don't be too proud, your
Technological Terror,
No match for the Force

How can you be sure
If the shield is up or down?
I get no reading.

Look! Enemy ships
In sector 47.
Oh no! It's a trap

Mudhole and slimy?
Degobah--my home this is.
How you eat such food?

Betrayed and murdered
Much depends on point of view
My Padawan Luke

The ship, off our scopes.
I must apologize myself
Prepare my shuttle

Lando, no light speed?
But they told me they fixed it
Told me they fixed it

Lord Vader, the shield
Will be down in moments. You
May start your landing.

Your feelings for...
Sister?! You have a sister.
Betrayed by your love

Ah, Lord Vader, the
Fleet has moved out of light speed
And we're preparing


ManBeast said...

Quite humble you are
Clever words mastered have you
Proudly smiles Yoda

Fredo said...

: )


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Always sniffing for the truth

Always sniffing for the truth

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