Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Drudge banner hinting at Petraeus as Mitt's Veep choice (citing anonymous Obama donor as source). Not exactly solid footing for a rumor, but good for a round of good ole fashioned speculation.


ManBeast said...

No F-ing way it's Patraeus.

Rob Portman would be my best guess right now.

dark commenteer said...

As per "Veepstakes 2012":

"I'm going to go with the field. I have this weird hunch that someone's gonna come out of left field, maybe Rudy? If the whole Iran situation goes full bore, I could see them going military as well--someone like a Petraeus."

I'm giving myself a bell on this one--althought when I was right on the money in '08, things didn't turn out quite so well...

Fredo said...

I tend to think Petraeus was floated the same way Condi was two weeks ago-- just another head fake. Keep up the intrigue. Make Obama nervous that the head of CIA might be against him.

I just think it would be a bad pick, and an incredibly risky one--here's a guy who has never run a political campaign, thrown into the biggest pressure cooker there is.

My money is still on Pawlenty, but a Christie pick is starting to sound much more realistic to me than it did two months ago. Mitt clearly needs an attack dog, and someone who can connect with average voters.


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Always sniffing for the truth

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