Friday, June 29, 2012

Holder in Contempt of Congress

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this whole business of withholding documents and executive privilege smells like a trap to me.  I can see the documents getting released in October with little or nothing of importance in them to make the GOP house look foolish.  I'm just saying...


Fredo said...

An interesting idea, but I respectfully disagree.

If the docs held nothing of substance, they could've buried this story last Fall. No way they wanted this distraction all year. And the GOP has slow-played the investigation to drag it into the election season.

No matter what happens from here on out, the investigation has already been a massive success--Issa has forced Obama to take ownership of Fast and Furious through his use of Executive Privelege. He would've been much smarter to fire Holder and blame the Justice Department.

But then again, if he'd done that, the new AG would've had nothing to hide and "come clean." And maybe that's what Obama doesn't want, after all.

Fredo said...

On second thought, I can't go against the Admiral, or Colonel Reb, for that matter.


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Always sniffing for the truth

Always sniffing for the truth

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