Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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I'm stunned that Obama would wait until the 11th hour to assert Executive Privelege and deny the House GOP access to Holder's Fast & Furious documents.

I'm not clear if a President has ever done this for a cabinet head, who has been reviewed and approved by the Senate.  But even if so, the timing of this will hurt.

This action by the President is what it appears to be: a crass attempt to circumvent legitimate fact-finding.  What state secrets could Obama protecting, here?  Was there an intentional policy to destabilize Mexico at an existential level, or something like that?

Doubtful.  More likely, he's trying to save his ass.  Was this part of a direct effort to undermine gun rights and the 2nd amendment?   Did the President directly authorize the program?  

It will take court action to force release of the docs, at this point.  Which gets back to the issue of timing.  Maybe Obama figures he can weather the PR storm now, and with the Supreme Court adjourning for the summer, there won't be time for the judiciary to act on this matter until after the election.  Too cute by half, IMO.

As I tweeted earlier, Darrell Issa has won Mitt the election.



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Always sniffing for the truth

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