Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I grow weary of labor unions

for so many reasons:

1) their insistence on bullying people into paying dues (and their insistence that workers in union shops have no choice to opt out),
2) their constant bankrolling of leftist politicians (which support an agenda that goes far beyond issues directly involving the unions),
3) the cultural divisiveness they foster via the institutionalization of class warfare (e.g. recruiting and training people into a culture of class envy and hatred),
4) the nonsensical "rule generation" that abounds with unions and stifles economic activity,
5) the way they lead to higher unemployment, less growth, and a less dynamic U.S. economy,
6) the way they aid competing economies to grow more quickly and gain in relative wealth and power (which ties into why, IMO, the labor movement has always considered itself "global" and not American)

Unions in this day and age are counterproductive--period.  I wish them a quick death.


Fredo said...

If I may borrow the words of a wicked smart MoFo,

"Labor unions once played an important role in opposing abuses in industry and improving safety. They have devolved into organizations that artificially raise the price of labor through extortion and promote mediocrity."

ManBeast said...

Wow. Digging back to posts from 2006.

May I give my obvious, but whole-hearted agreement to your list. I think at least public sector unions are finally getting their long-deserved push back as evidenced by recent events in the Badger state and elsewhere.

And may I offer some relevant links to one of my favorite sites of late:


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