Friday, June 29, 2012

The Senate Race is the New Front Line

A strong GOP nominee for POTUS would be a slam-dunk winner, but I think even Romney has a very good chance of winning now.  The Senate is where the GOP needs to concentrate now. Here's the picture.


Fredo said...

I'd like you to flesh out why this is a political win for Mitt. I'm seeing that argument all over the place, you're hardly alone, but I don't feel it in my bones.

I'm simply feeling betrayed, dispirited, and lethargic. For years and years you work to win elections. You work to nominate good, originalist jurists. You fight to make Rehnquist the CJ. Fight to get a Scalia. A Bork. A Ginsburg. A Kennedy. A Thomas. A Souter. A Roberts. An Alito.

Sometimes you lose b/c of vicious, deceptive attacks (Bork).

Sometimes you lose b/c of some unvetted portion of your nominee's history (Ginsburg, nearly Thomas).

Sometimes you get through by the skin of your teeth, but not until the Senate Judiciary committee has impugned your integrity, your background, and placed you on notice and on the record that you have no judicial philosophy whatever (Alito).

Sometimes you get through relatively easy b/c you have no track record to explain away (Souter, Roberts).

And after all the hard work, the personal smears, and the bad choices, you finally have enough conservative justices to make a difference on a truly important, high-profile case.

And then they knife you in the back.

Why bother?

Whatever hack Obama puts on the Court will probably vote the same way as Mitt's hack. Mitt's hack will just need to be a little more crafty in explaining his/her "evolution."

Fredo said...

To get to the Senate races, I find it very unlikely that the GOP would take the Senate if the election were held today. I like the chances of the GOP to take seats from Dems in MO, WI and MT. We have weak candidates that will probably squander takeaway opportunities in FL, VA and OH.

ND I have no idea. Ultimately I think the Senate probably ends up 51-49 Dem, if the election were today.


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