Monday, June 04, 2012

The man who should have been President

in 2000, but for Lauton Chiles.  Or 2012, but for Dubya. Alas, the fates have kept Jeb from running, and that is a real loss for all of us.

In any event, I lucked out this weekend, and flipped on C-Span (which I usually don't, b/c it's not in my HD channel range) and happened to come across the hearing below.   It's a bit of a long session, but I found it totally engrossing, because it addressed THE issue that should be consuming our federal government: "What should be the role of government in our economy?"

Rep. Ryan chairs the Budget Committee with the GOP in control of the House, and he has some great days in front of him.  I already knew he was a bona fide expert on the budget process and the appropriate size and scope of government; but it was his temperment as chair of the meeting that really impressed me.  He was firmly in control of the meeting and pushing his agenda forward, without being domineering.   He made Rep. Waxman, who is many years his senior, look small and petty; not by belitting him, but by ignoring his childish barbs ("is this class warfare?").

But the star of the show was Jeb.  He is so comfortable in his own skin, so deeply knowledgable on these issues, so on-the-money with respect to his policy priorities.  My goodness, he is so clearly the cream of the GOP crop nationally, it's hard not to notice the chasm between him and the rest of our would-be party leaders. I don't mean this to be a knock on Mitt, who I do like, but Mitt will never be able to connect with his fellow citizens the way Jeb can.

His opening statement is at the 13:15 minute mark, but it's the Q-and-A thereafter where he really shines.

BTW: If you'd like to see what Amateur Hour looks like on the hill, check out Rep. Honda (D-CA) questioning the panel at 1:23:30. It's right up SHK's alley. I almost expected to see coverage splice away to a news anchor. "I'm wearing no pants.... film at 11"



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