Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stewart rips on everyone w/r/t Executive Privelege defense/apologies

The whole segment is pretty much devoted to showing how the Dems arguments supporting Obama's use of Executive Privilege are no different than those used by the GOP in 2007.  The same arguments Dems pilloried back then.  But he closes with the point that the outrage shown by GOP now is contradictory with the apologies offered back then.

Now the two situations may not be equivalent on the legal merits.  But Stewart is on to something here. The accusation-counter accusation dynamic in Washington is so canned, so pre-scripted, that it has almost zero credibility in the eyes of most citizens.   As a lib, Stewart is inclined to more deeply skewer the Executive Branch's desire to hide info.  As a conservative, I (and many others) find ourselves in the paradoxical position of defending executive privilege while trying to draw a fine line that it doesn't apply in this case.

Not sure this is evidence of a healthy government or polity.


Jimmy Copens said...

How free do you feel when the TSA grabs your junk? How free do feel when the Department of Homeland Security wants to perform an unwarranted, suspicion-less random search.

FEMA says: Be prepared.
NDAA says: Persons who are prepared may be suspected of being terrorists.

I Want My Country Back.


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Always sniffing for the truth

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